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AESCS2018 (Mar. 21st – 23rd, 2018. Narita, Japan)

Social sciences are now moving to a new stage. One of the promising methodologies is agent-based modeling. Pacific-Asian Association for Agent-based Approach in Social Systems Sciences (PAAA) is the Pacific-Asian regional platform to explore the frontiers. PAAA works closely with its American equivalent, NAACSOS and the European Social Simulation Association, ESSA. The objective of PAAA is to promote worldwide activities of the multi-disciplinary community on multi-agent, computational economics, organizational science, social dynamics, and complex systems. PAAA lets researchers and practitioners bring together from diverse fields, such as computer science, system science, economics, physics, sociology, psychology, and complex theory in order to understand emergent and collective phenomena in economic, organization, and social systems.PAAA will also give opportunities to discuss the effectiveness and limitations of computational models and methodologies for social sciences. Our most important mission is to organize AESCS (Agent-based Approaches in Economic and Social Complex Systems).


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Summer School on Longitudinal Network Analysis

I am co-organizing a summer school on logitudinal network analysis with R-SIENA. This summer school will take place in September, in Italy. Duration: 5 days. Registration Fee: 600 euro (ca. 80,000 JPY) VAT included.

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